Y2K Nails Are So Trendy Right Now

by Yashaswi Khaitan on Sep 28, 2021

Y2K Nails Are So Trendy Right Now

It is news to absolutely no one that early 2000s beauty and fashion trends are extremely popular right now. There’s just something about the pastel-filled era that is so endlessly fun to lean into, and it doesn't look like the frenzy will be slowing down anytime soon. The trend has, of course, infiltrated nail designs, leading to a resurgence in bright colors and whimsical patterns. But Y2K nail art goes far beyond French manicures — now, an array of playful, 2000s-inspired designs are yet again making the rounds on social media.


In addition to the swirly nail art that’s been everywhere this summer, new data from Pinterest shows that “Y2K heart nails” are the top beauty search trend for August. These manicures are being seen in all different color palettes, from trendy browns and tans to pinks and greens reminiscent of the beloved early 2000s cartoon television show, The Powerpuff Girls.

Though summer is coming to a swift end, there’s still plenty of time to get your Y2K mani in. Plus, you can certainly switch up the colors to make these designs more fall and winter-appropriate. For a fresh wave of nostalgia, here is some of Instagram’s best inspiration for your next 2000s-style manicure.