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These nail wraps are the healthiest way of getting manicures. They are free of any toxins, chemicals, UV rays that might otherwise harm your nails.

YOUGLOW Nail Wraps are tested and certified.

Disclaimer: Do not apply nail wraps or keep for too long if you have a history of allergies from nail paint, gel nail paint, acrylics, brittle/dehydrated nails or any nail conditions (nail psoriasis)

In case of any doubt, try a wrap on one finger nail and keep for a day. Remove to see in case any injuries. If not, feel safe to apply on all.

We would suggest not to shower/swim/wash utensils right after applying the wraps - at least for an hour, to help the wrap glue adhere better. After that, any amount of swimming showering etc will not ruin your mani.

They are not. Once the YOUGLOW gels have been worn they cannot be reapplied to your nails.

They can last up to 3 - 4 weeks. If you have weak nails or a nail condition we would suggest not keeping them on for more than a week. Once you let your nails breathe you can apply them again. Avoid using water for an hour after applying your mani to give the adhesive more time to adhere. Keep them looking fresh with a new file (or nail clipper) and top coat as needed.

Each YOUGLOW kit contains 16 manis - 8 for your right hand, 8 for your left hand with extra wraps of varying sizes to fit all.

Yes please! Send a note to and share what you'd like to see, and we will try our best to bring them.

Each set comes with

16 gel nail wraps of varying sizes (8 X 2)

1 x nail file

1 Application Manual


While a top coat isn’t necessary, it will help increase the durability of your mani. It will also give an additional gloss.

Do not apply top coat immediately. Only apply on the next day of application as it can interfere with the process of adhering.


Peel, Stick and File.

  • Remove the protective film. Peel a wrap from the sheet.
  • Apply the mani on your nail from your cuticle to the tip. Press and smooth firmly from the middle out to all edges. - Fold the excess over the tip and file off.
  • Repeat these steps for your 9 other fingers.

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Just peel them off! If they're a bit stubborn, try soaking your hands or feet in warm water and applying lotion along the edges.


Use a nail polish remover and it should come off in 3-4 wipes.

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